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Director Message

Yash Human Care Pvt.Ltd.

Board Of Director

Dhanwant Singh Rathaur
Chairman & Managing Director
Nitu Singh Rathaur
Vibhuti Kumar Singh
Tanmay Raj

Dear Direct Seller

We are very happy to welcome you all as a direct seller in the Yash Human Care family, for which you all deserve congratulations. Direct Cell (Network) Marketing really has its own place in the world business sector, a business in which you can earn a great income without having to bear any kind of risk and unnecessary responsibility.

Today, in many countries of the world, running and accepting this business, crores of people are earning their livelihood from this business, in this area, often based on the business of refined products and services. Which makes us feel healthy, beautiful and better than mind.

Yash Human Care also gives you that opportunity to earn your income from the field of Health and Welfare. So let us make a brilliant beginning and move towards a life full of health and wealth.


Yash Human Care Pvt.Ltd